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A Tribute to shel

Every life has a story, every memoir is a narrative, Shel Silverstein's memoir is livelier than most because he was busier, zanier, feistier than most people. Full of more contradictions, skips and flip-flops, ups and downs than anybody I ever knew.

Forbidden Army

The book is a great mix of historical facts and the author's unique imagination, threaded by an imagined English-speaking group tour to see one of the greatest historical wonders of human world, the Terra Cotta Warriors. The suspenses created by the missing warrior and a missing tourist were well planned, further spiced by the illusional experience of the leading character, Bert.

wither thou ghost

This supernatural mystery featuring Sherlock Holmes offers a new take on Jack the Ripper, the perpetrator of London's 1888 Whitechapel murders. One hundred years later the ghosts of the great detective and Dr. John Watson are finally able to track down the seemingly homicidal ghost. But the problem is how to communicate what has been discovered when, as a spirit, Holmes has no ability to communicate with the living?

marleys boast

A true literary homage to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, it is set on Christmas Eve 1860, many years after Scrooge was transformed by the ghosts of Christmas. Now seven years after his passing, his ghost is quite disturbed. Something evil is afoot. The ghost of his old partner Jacob Marley seems bent on wreaking revenge among those he blames for his dismal fate.

nobody said it better than shel silverstein

As a hermit in Key West, Shel Silverstein was named the island’s poet laureate. Shel changed it to pirate laureate. He was that way. Some might say he was an ornery galoot, and he’d debate you all night until you agreed there was nothing ordinary about him.

hannibals last conquest

The story of Hannibal, the greatest and most successful of the Carthaginian generals to oppose the Mediterranean hegemony of Rome in the spring of 1217 B.C. Leading some 90,000 troops and a small band of war elephants, Hannibal successfully invaded Italy by crossing into the Roman empire by way of the Pyrenees, Alps, and Apennines mountain ranges.

Story Teller

Once upon a time in Hollywood there was a gifted mystery woman, a real woman who introduced movie stories. The Story Teller she was called. A highly talented woman, she recited enchanting tales. Adventures and mysteries, comedies and romances. She characterized leading stars such as Garbo, Gable, Harlow, Tracy, Hepburn, Taylor, Garland, and more. Many of her stories became classics -- Ben Hur, the Big Parade, Mutiny on the Bounty, Grand Hotel, Dinner at Eight, The Good Earth, A Star is Born, Gone With the Wind, Quo Vadis, The Human Comedy.


Where does love go? Scarlett had no idea. Rhett wasn't sure. But some people wonder where did their love go? Out the door? Into the wind?

For the first time the world's best-selling book and its movie are laid bare in the untold story of Gone With the Wind.

Jack The Ripper Returns

The mere fact that you are holding this book could awaken Holmes from the dead. He would appreciate your familiarity with his repute as a master detective. That you have an interest in mysteries and solutions. And that you may enjoy learning his analytical methods. Skim its pages and you may recognize the nitty-gritty worldly woes we all endure. But carry on, and you will soon see these are not the usual Sherlock Holmes tales. For they are exposed by an apparition of Holmes.

Monsieur Gassoon

Pardon our French, but this is a book about the world’s foremost fartist. Presented here as a fictional figure, he really did get paid to break wind at the swank Moulin Rouge in Paris. And from 1892 to 1914 he became its Number One attraction, outdrawing such stars as Sarah Bernhardt, Maurice Chevalier, Piaf, and Mistinguette.